Stan Fornaszewski - Music Lesson Demos

The links below demonstrate variety of playing levels. Lessons are tailored to meet the current abilities, current needs, and future goals of the individual student.

Snare Drum Lessons (demo)
Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced snare drum lessons for all ages.

Drum Set Lessons (demo)
Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced lessons drum set lessons for all ages.

Bells/Marimba/Vibraphone Mallet Lessons (demo)
Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced mallet lessons for all ages.
Violin, Fiddle, & Viola Lessons (demo)
Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced violin, fiddle & viola lessons for all ages.
Keyboard Piano Lessons (demo)
Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced keyboard piano lessons for all ages.
Music Writing & Easy Theory Lessons (demo)
Get easy answers those mysterious questions + let Stan show you the "Hows & Whys" of notes, rhythms + easy patterns to all scales, and chords + how to to write songs/melodies/lyrics + putting your music in a fixed form to share with the world.
Contest Solo & Performance Coaching (video demo)
Available for Flute/Clarinet/Saxophone/Trumpet/Trombone/Tuba. For both, contest soloists and year-round performance improvement. Stan focuses on many performance issues not able to be addressed by general music lessons or school band. "Confidence," "Projection," "Clarification, Dynamics, & Phrasing," "Musicianship," "Setting Performance Goals," "Playing with a Rock/Jazz/Worship Band" and more.
Performance & Solo Coaching (demo)
Available for: Drums, Vibes, Bass, Guitar, Bass, & Piano. Stan focuses on performance issues not always addressed by general music lessons. "Confidence," "Projection," "Clarification, Dynamics, & Phrasing," "Musicianship," "Setting Goals for Your Performance," "Jamming Productively," and more.