Rental terms overview

Please bring and present the following items at pickup:
1.) a current valid driver license, 2.) a current utility bill showing Renter's current address, and 3.) a valid major credit card in Renter's name, to be kept current and on file with Fornaszewski Music at all times, for payment of all rents and charges due during the term of the rental, until the instrument is returned in original condition.

Rent is to be paid once every 2 months (bi-monthly) and renewed by automatic payment with Renter's credit card on file. Renter may also make payment in advance by other payment methods.

Maintenance is provided at no charge to Renters in good standing. Maintenance includes normal replacement of worn pads, springs, corks, water keys, standard adjustments, general cleaning, lubrication, and inspections to be performed by Fornaszewski Music only.

Maintenance does not include damage, loss, the replacement cost of lost or missing parts, the cost of installation, the cost of repairs, or the cost of consumable items, such as strings, reeds, sticks, mallets, drum heads, ligatures, mouthpieces, oils, grease, swabs, cleaners, or tools.

Renter may return instrument at anytime to stop automatic renewal. For any account past due, the Renter will be charged an accruing late fee of $5 per day. For any account past due and not returned within 14 days, the Renter will be charged the entire purchase price of the instrument, in addition to accruing late fees, plus any legal fees and/or costs incurred to recover the property.

A rental contract, with all terms and details in writing, will be presented to Renter, to be signed at the time of pickup.