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Guitar Lessons Online

GuitarInstructor is our recommended solution for guitar lessons over the summer.

Book a lesson with Stan

Take lessons on the fly, with NO Signup fee. Book a lesson daily, weekly, monthly, or when you have time. Stan offers Performance Coaching & Solo Contest Help for ALL instruments. Stan teaches the following instruments: Drumset (Single & Double Bass) / Snare Drum / Percussion / Vibraphone / Marimba / Bells / Xylophone / Violin / Fiddle / Viola / Cello / String Bass / Mandolin / Piano / Digital Keyboard / Synthesizer / Flute / Clarinet / Trumpet / Trombone

Guitar lesson rooms remodel

Guitar lessons suspended over the summer, as we update our guitar rooms. Guitar lessons will resume in the Fall. For notification, Signup For Our Newsletter Here.

Being a green LED (or Am I Blue?)

Last year, Stan replaced 52 troffer fixtures and upgraded 104 T12 bulbs to T8s. Now, Stan is changing the T8s to LED. Its looking bright and we think the bill is dropping. We may not actually be green, but just trying to be is the key.

New Music & Drum Studio Open

Stan's New Music & Drum Studio un-officially opened on Wednesday. The sounds of Double, Triple, & Multi-Stroke Rolls, Vibraphones, Marimba, Bells and Chimes are sounding beautifully. Stan's students are really sparked, having great time, and playing well.